How to Ship Your Order
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1. For ease of handling prints should be grouped in bundles of 200 or less.  They can be of mixed sizes up to 8 1/2 x 12 inches.

2. Place the prints in sealed zip-lock bags.

3. Package the order for shipping.  Small orders (500 or less) can be easily shipped in standard USPS protective envelopes.  The envelope should be clearly labeled “Photo Material Do Not Bend”.  Larger orders can be shipped in a box.  Again place the prints in zip-lock bags then place the bags in a box.

4. Fill out  the order form and include a copy with your order.

5. Return shipping will be charged the going USPS rate for priority mail based on the size of the envelope or box required.  Usually about $5.00 - $12.00.

6. Call or email if you have any questions or need to discuss special arrangements.

Dave Anniballi


Prints – if you are using an envelope to ship it is highly recommended that you place a piece of cardboard slightly larger than the largest original in the package to act as a stiffener to prevent bending.

Negatives - should if at all possible be kept in their protective sleeves.  They should also be placed in sealed zip-lock bags.  Standard USPS protective envelopes should be more than adequate for all but the largest negative scanning orders.

Slides - should be removed from any carousels and placed in sealed zip-lock bags with an elastic band around the entire bag.  This prevents slides from shifting and scratching.  If you have access to a supply of slide boxes this would be a better alternative to placing the slides loose in zip-locks.  The slide boxes should still be placed in zip-lock bags to protect them.

Mixed bulk and manual print scanning - group each type of scan in separate bags with a note specifying what type of scanning is being requested for that particular group.

Organized folders on CD / DVD - if you wish to have your scans grouped into named folders separate the originals into folder groups with a note wrapped around each group clearly specifying the name of the folder.  A surcharge of $10.00 will be applied to these orders.