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1) Prints

   No. of bulk scanned prints _______________

   Resolution PPI:      300      600

   No. of manually scanned prints ___________

   Resolution PPI:      300      600     1200

2) Slides

   No. of  slides ________________

   Resolution PPI:     1800       2400       3600       4800

3)  Negatives

   No. of negative frames ___________________

   Resolution PPI:     1800       2400       3600       4800

4) Editing (select None for each if you wish to do your own editing):

         Red-eye:                None

         Dust removal:         None             Auto             Manual 

         Enhancement:        None             Auto             Manual

5) File format:    JPG        TIF (not available for bulk print scans)       BOTH

6) Media type:      CD       DVD  (best for big orders or orders requiring TIF files)

7) Additional media copies:  CD ($3.00 each) _____     DVD ($5.00 each)______

8) Client information     (please print clearly)                     9)  Billing

              Name:_____________________________        Cost estimate:______________

           Address:_____________________________                Deposit:______________

City, State, Zip:_____________________________                (50% deposit is required

                                                                                                    for all orders.)                                          Phone:_____________________________


            Residential or business address only.  No PO Boxes please.

David Anniballi Scanning
9 Mount Auburn Street
Chelmsford, MA 01824

Tel: 978-807-1695
Email: dave@anniballi-scanning.com

Circle Options / Enter Counts – on the order form.

Cost Estimate – use the available spreadsheet to estimate your order.  You can plug your numbers in and it will automatically calculate the order estimate.  Or print it off blank and fill it in manually.

Final Order Cost – due to the possibility of miscounted originals or inability to use the requested scan method on all originals, the Final Order Cost will be determined at the time the order is received.  If the Final Order Cost exceeds your Cost Estimate by more than 10% you will be contacted for approval to proceed.

Payment - for shipped orders may be by check or money order made out to: David Anniballi Scanning.  Local client orders picked up and delivered door to door may be paid for in cash.  Credit cards are not currently accepted.

Deposit – shipped orders require a deposit of 50% of the estimated cost.  The balance is due prior to shipping the order back to you.

Minimum charge - $25.00 plus shipping applies to all orders.

Ship Your Order - Package your order according to the instructions on the How to Ship Your Order Page.  Ship your order to:

David Anniballi Scanning
9 Mount Auburn Street
Chelmsford, MA 01824

Pickup / delivery – I will happily pick up and deliver door-to-door orders within 10 miles of my office in Chelmsford, MA (minimum order of $200 applies).   Orders under $200 where this service is requested will be subject to a $25 handling charge.

Media charges – Your scans can be returned to you on either CD or DVD.   If your order is small or you don’t have the capability to view a data DVD then the CD option would be best.  Large orders or orders requiring TIF files would be better suited to DVD.   DVD’s can store approximated 6 times more than CD.   $6.00 per CD  / $10.00 per DVD required to store the order (orders may require multiple disks for storage).   Additional CD/DVDs sets can be purchased at a 50% discount off the price of the first set.

TIF Images – can be ordered in place of JPG or in addition to JPG.  If TIF is requested an additional $0.20 per image will be added to the total cost.  TIF is not available for bulk scanned prints.

Custom Requests – every effort will be made to accommodate custom scanning requests and are priced according to the job requirements.  Please contact me to discuss your needs prior to shipping custom scanning orders.

Order Status - If you have questions regarding your order call or email Dave at:

Tel: 978-807-1695
Email: dave@anniballi-scanning.com

Download Order Form
Download Order Form